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Identity In Question: Track 7

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This album Investigates recent debates in sociology, cultural theory and psychoanalysis, and explores the nature of social identity, ‘socialisation’, subjectivity and personhood. The case studies explore the value and relevance of different theoretical frameworks for understanding identity by applying the main concepts in real situations. The material is taken from The Open University course D853 Identity in question.

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Track 7: Ethics and Psychoanalysis

The ethical dimensions of psychoanalysis and its relationship to wider cultural forms.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Identity In Question    A short introduction to this album. Play now Identity In Question
2 Language Approach    Why this approach of Identity formation been so influential in cultural studies. Play now Language Approach
3 Lacanian Theory    The centrality of the Lacanian theory within the broader subject of Language approach. Play now Lacanian Theory
4 Combining Accounts    Combining an account of the unconscious with a Foucaldian account of discursive practices. Play now Combining Accounts
5 Kleinian and Object Relations    Exploring the central concepts of the Kleinian and object relations tradition, and their use in clinical practice. Play now Kleinian and Object Relations
6 The Inner World    Two clinical workers offer personal views of their understanding of the 'Inner World' within the context of Kleinian thought. Play now The Inner World
7 Ethics and Psychoanalysis    The ethical dimensions of psychoanalysis and its relationship to wider cultural forms. Play now Ethics and Psychoanalysis
8 Individual, Person and Self    The distinctions between the concepts of Individual, Person and Self Play now Individual, Person and Self
9 Legal Personality    Exploring the question of why all human beings don't have legal personality. Play now Legal Personality
10 A History of Persons    Undertaking a history of persons and exploring what theoretical instruments are needed for guidance, and who can supply them. Play now A History of Persons




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