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Living in a globalised world: Track 1

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What are borders for? Who controls them, and why might people risk their lives to cross them? This album examines the border between Mexico and the United States as a symbolic place which both connects and divides people, highlighting complex issues about cultural belonging and national identity. Many disturbing aspects of border control are revealed through the stories of migrants, border guards, factory workers, factory bosses and activists. In the audio track, members of the course team give further insight into the issues raised by the video tracks, and discuss how borders illustrate many of the problems of globalisation. This material is taken from The Open University course DD205 Living in a globalised world.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 1 hour 30 mins
  • Updated Thursday 11th February 2010
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Track 1: Living in a globalised world

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Living in a globalised world    A short introduction to this album. Play now Living in a globalised world
2 Where worlds meet    An insight into Mexican-American border control. Play now Where worlds meet
3 A divided people    A Mexican tribal leader talks about how the border has physically divided his tribe. Play now A divided people
4 Borders do move    An insight into how the Mexican border with America has shifted over the years. Play now Borders do move
5 The economic divide    A presbyterian minister from Arizona talks about how an economic border is inappropriate. Play now The economic divide
6 Economic aspirations    A Mexican immigrant talks about the importance of getting across the border to America. Play now Economic aspirations
7 Protecting the old dream    An American talks about the need to resist the "Mexicanization" of America. Play now Protecting the old dream
8 Building a new dream    An interview with a migrant in a squatter camp who takes work during the fruit harvest. Play now Building a new dream
9 Protecting the border    The river border patrol on duty. Play now Protecting the border
10 Second line of defence    An interview with Mexican detainee at a border checkpoint. Play now Second line of defence
11 Hazardous crossing    A presbyterian minister explains how migrants get channelled to cross at the most dangerous border points by aggressive policies. Play now Hazardous crossing
12 The death toll    Why the death toll at the border is large. Play now The death toll
13 Saving the American way of life    American nationalists use technology to track down migrants crossing illegally. Play now Saving the American way of life
14 Promoting integration    The Latino community fights back. Play now Promoting integration
15 Embracing the border    Christian Lamurez talks about being a ‘Mexifornian’. Play now Embracing the border
16 Crossing the economic divide    A factory manager on the border explains how his factory straddles both worlds. Play now Crossing the economic divide
17 Campaigning for workers' rights    An activist talks about campaigning for workers' rights. Play now Campaigning for workers' rights
18 Losing workers' rights    Research into migrant workers' conditions of employment shows great inequality. Play now Losing workers' rights
19 Water scarcity    The uncertain future of clean water facilities for the people of Juarez, Mexico. Play now Water scarcity
20 Re-using waste water    How nearby El Paso, on the other side of the border to Juarez, has built a new waste-water treatment facility. Play now Re-using waste water
21 Dividing up the Rio Grande    The tense relations between Mexicans and Americans who have to share the Rio Grande as a water source. Play now Dividing up the Rio Grande
22 The Chamizal dispute    How the Rio Grande influenced the border crossing and caused territory disputes in El Paso-Juarez. Play now The Chamizal dispute
23 Putting border issues into the course context    Members of The Open University Geography Department discuss border issues, and the making of this visual material. Play now Putting border issues into the course context




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