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Understanding Social Change: Track 6

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Change, diversity and uncertainty are unavoidable features of modern life. Collectively, we may be living through a major transformation in society and the traditions that hold it together. Individually, we may face increasing barriers to taking responsibility for our own destinies, exercising power and making our own decisions. The tracks on this album focus on these and other big issues in the contemporary world. The past and the future - the Welfare State through to Globalisation. The material forms part of the course DD100, An introduction to the social sciences: understanding social change.

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  • Duration 1 hour 15 mins
  • Updated Thursday 11th February 2010
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Track 6: Divided Society

Divides between rich and poor, spatial and rural/urban divides.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Understanding Social Change    A short introduction to this album. Play now Understanding Social Change
2 The welfare state - what is it?    Post war UK: The welfare state, family and work, the balance of state and individual. Play now The welfare state - what is it?
3 Welfare - who's responsible?    Controversy surrounding responsibility for welfare and the sections of society who contribute. Play now Welfare - who's responsible?
4 Work - who does what?    Shift in kinds of people working and work they do. Does ‘flexible’ employment mean more insecure employment? Consequences of opening up the market to global competition. Play now Work - who does what?
5 Promoting welfare - the government's role    Intention of the Labour government to counter social exclusion by promoting employment through enabling state. Considering family as area of continuity but forms of family are more varied. Has the welfare system caught up with this change in family structure? Play now Promoting welfare - the government's role
6 Divided Society    Divides between rich and poor, spatial and rural/urban divides. Play now Divided Society
7 New Labour, new society?    Under New Labour, things have improved but only for some sections of society. Rising inequalities and uncertainties about issues such as pensions. Play now New Labour, new society?
8 Globalisation - what is it?    Changing Definitions of Globalisation, the impact of culture, economics and politics. Globablisation undermining the nation state. Play now Globalisation - what is it?
9 Globalist views    Positive and negative globalist views and consequences of free economic market through deregulation of control. Play now Globalist views
10 Internationalist views    The importance of nation states instead of an inseparable global market. Transformationalist perspective combines aspects of internationalist and globalist approaches. Play now Internationalist views
11 Globalisation - winners and losers    Who benefits and loses from globalisation. Play now Globalisation - winners and losers




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