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Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2006

Learn about young designers in Kenya who are using the web to fight poverty

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The slums of Mathare in Nairobi are the unlikely home to a group of web designers, all thanks to a project called NairoBits, an education project organised by the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA). NairoBits has enabled this group of people from the slums to take control of their lives and be part of a market that is in demand all over the world.

The children of the Mathare shacks often turn to crime and drug abuse but Wilson Maska was one of many who used football as a way out. At 8 years old Wilson joined the local sports association MYSA. The same project now allows him to learn computer skills and create web sites.

NairoBits' first paying client was the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi. One of the group, Joseph Mulei, works for Wananchi Online, a Nairobi Internet provider, preparing the news page on the company's web site. So how are they getting on?

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