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Trainer Tamer: Summary

Updated Thursday, 1st June 2006

A summary of the Jonah Perretti/Nike trainer story

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It is clear that the Internet is a valuable and incredibly powerful tool for use in campaigning, mainly due to the speed and efficiency at which a message or an idea can be relayed around. As Jonah Perretti realised from the 3,500 e-mails that he has received since the exchange, it is quite literally possible to transmit information to thousands in a matter of minutes.

However, the danger of false information or unsubstantiated rumours being passed around is equally as high, therefore it is incredibly important to be cautious about information which is sent via e-mail or posted on the Net. As long as we are aware of the power of the Net it can be an incredibly advantageous medium in raising awareness and winning support for a cause.


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