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Transcript of Anurag's video

Updated Wednesday, 9th May 2007

Read a transcript of Anurag's video diary

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Hi, I’m Anurag. I’m twelve years old, I study in RBA. I love the school because the teachers are very good. I have lots of friends and I love to play football.


Here’s the Indian map, and this is Maharastra and this is Pune. We had a project that we had to choose a state from India and we must write all the culture and how the … what are the festivals and all.
OK, Maharastra has 9.5 per cent …


Music to me is being creative. When I play the tabla I can transgress myself; I have a sense of freedom.  


At the end, I always feel as if I have achieved something.


This is the Khadakwasla Lake, and this is the biggest lake in Pune. This supplies the whole, this supplies water to the whole city of Pune and this is a good picnic spot. Many people come here to visit this, and this is one of my favourite spots.


I miss not having a beach in Pune, so this is a good place, like a beach. I just come here and have fun.


This is the Indian ice lolly.

Road food of Pune - this is pani puri, the puri is made up of chipita and they dip it in the masala then in the sweet water. It tastes hot, sweet and sour at the same time.






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