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Transcript of Diva's video

Updated Wednesday, 9th May 2007

Read a transcript of Diva's video diary

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Hi, I’m Diva, and we’re in Koregaon Park. This is one of the happiest places in Pune to be. It’s boutiques and cafes and lots of funky stuff happens here - lots of shopping and lots of stuff.  


That is the famous Rajneesh Osho Ashram. It’s been painted black but once upon a time it wasn’t black, it was white. And once upon a time it was also my Granddad’s house. We handed it over to the Oshoites and now it’s the Ashram. It was started by Rajneesh Osho. One of the things Rajneesh said was that lots of people always try to help the poor, and he was a person who thought that he would try to help the rich help the poor. So he started this Ashram and he started the culture and everything about it, and now it’s become a huge thing going on around quite a few places in the world.  

One of the things that is really awesome is the fact that, even though I’m not an Oshoite, we can all enjoy the slippers; whoever’s not an Oshoite can still enjoy the awesome slippers. Some are comfortable, some are not, and they’re really funky, they’re all in really, really funky colours. I will show them to you. And here we actually get to wear the slippers without being an Oshoite, and I find that awesome. And the different shape …

I don’t understand how or why or when or whatever, but for some reason there’s a demand for these chapals all over the world. People from Australia, people from Singapore - everyone knows about these and whenever people come from out of town, they have to come to Koregaon to buy Osho jumpers for all their friends in different sizes, and they get ten pairs each. I think, probably, it’s because they’re so cheap and so comfortable. So it’s the perfect match.

We’ve finally accomplished the problem of trying to figure out what shoes to buy, and we’ve finally decided. I bought the blue ones, they’re finding them in my size - don’t ask what my size is! - and there are these, my friend wants black ones for in the house, because they’re the most comfortable things on the planet! They’re as good as … they’re as good as bathroom slippers and they can be worn out. So these are the black ones and these are the blue ones.


Hi, we’d like to order  “Wanna Try Sushi”.


It’s very pretty and nicely decorated. Thank you.

I’m about to take my first bite of sushi, I’ve never tried it before. Let’s see what happens.  

Okay - problem!

I like it! Sushi is raw fish, and it pretty much tastes like raw fish but the stuff that it’s with, like avocado and cucumber and I think some form of rice with it, it is pretty good.


Okay, well we were making a mockery of ourselves because we didn’t know how to eat sushi, let alone chopsticks. So we have just had to mention it, like how to eat sushi and how to dip it in. It tastes better. It tastes better when you know how to do it. I think I will try sushi again, it was nice.





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