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Postcards From The Past: Glasgow

Updated Friday, 12th August 2005

By comparing older and more recent photographs of Glasgow you can see for yourself how the area has changed and evolved over the years.

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Glasgow skyline Glasgow and the earliest settlement on the site of the modern city was a fishing community on the river in the 6th Century. The river gradually increased in importance as trading links abroad established. Initially only small ships were able to navigate the river, but in the late 18th Century it was deepened so that transatlantic vessels could bring their cargo up to quaysides in the heart of the city. This led to the industrial and suburban expansion of the city when much of the local rock was used as building stone.

Shipbuilding became important, and shipyards occupied much of the riverbanks. By the late 1930’s the heavy industry based in the area (especially steel making, shipbuilding and coal) declined dramatically resulting in high unemployment and a reduction in population. Docks and quays were abandoned as the coastal trade from the port declined and many of the docks were in filled. More recently, the port was virtually closed and land along the banks revitalised and put to other uses.

These postcards cover the whole of Scotland, but were gathered at the Glasgow Coast event.

Forth Bridge

  Glasgow bridges postcard

Beach A

  Glasgow waterfront

Beach B

  Gathered on the beach
Gathered on the beach

Ayr, 1940

  Ayr, 1940
Ayr, 1940.

Brodick, c. 1955

  Broddick, c.1955
Photograph taken at Brodick, circa 1955.

Beach, 1957

  On the beach, 1957
On the beach, 1957.

Waverley, 1969-70

  Coast: Postcards From The Past - Week 4 - Glasgow inline 5
Taken on the Waverley 1969-70 West Parish Church Cruise

Aberdeen, 2002

  Aberdeen 2002
Aberdeen 2002: Summer time on the east coast - swimming suit optional!

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