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Icelandic Constitutional Council (Stjórnlagaráði)

Updated Friday 12th April 2013

A body of 25 appointed Icelandic citizens, which was charged with creating a constitutional draft.

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Icelandic constitutional council logo Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Stjórnlagaráði Icelandic Constitutional Council (Stjórnlagaráði) described its role as being to "prepare a bill about a revised [Icelandic] constitution".

It stated that it "emphasises an open communication with the Icelandic nation and has given the people an opportunity to participate in the formation of a new Constitution of the Republic of Iceland" by making its work available for discussion on its website as well as on major social media platforms.

The work of the Council followed on from a consultative National Forum with 950 randomly selected participants in 2010.

It was initiated by government and encouraged people to participate through an online platform and public assembly. Icelandic Constitutional Council (Stjórnlagaráði) as national in orientation and concerned with democracy, politics & representation.

It was launched on 6 April 2011 and ended on 29 July 2011. Thousands of people were involved.

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