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Joke booth: God and carrots

Updated Friday, 1st June 2007

Alex from Swansea offers a talking rabbit, and a test of faith

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A rabbit walks into a butchers shop and asks for a carrot. The man says 'We don't sell carrots we only sell meat'. So the rabbit goes out.

The next day he comes in and asks the same question but the man says 'No, I told you yesterday, we don't have any carrots, this is the butchers'.

Then, the next day the rabbit walks into the same shop and asks the same question, and the man says 'If you ask me that one more time I'm going to nail your paw to the counter'.

The next day the rabbit comes back in and asks the man 'Have you got any nails?' The man says 'No' and so then the rabbit says 'Well can I have a carrot please?'

There's this vicar and he's fishing out on his fishing boat and this storm hits and his boat starts to sink.

And half an hour later a ship comes past and they shout to the priest 'Do you want us to save you?' and he says 'No, I'm a man of God and God will save me.'

Half hour later another ship comes past and again he says 'No I'm a man of God, God will save me'.

Half an hour after that, a rescue helicopter comes along and shouts down to him but again he says 'No I'm a man of God and God will save me'.

So he sinks and drowns and goes up to heaven.

In heaven he asks St Peter, 'Look I've been a man of God all my life so why didn't God save me?' and St Peter turns to him and says 'God sent you two ships and a helicopter - what more could you ask for?'

Marie Gillespie Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Marie Gillespie Marie says

The first joke plays on the ambiguities of language and logic. It conforms to the typical three part structure of many jokes, revolving around three days and three questions. The clever rabbit outwits the aggressive butcher who threatens to nail his paw down to the counter! The joke also exists about people. Any inappropriate request will do. But the rabbit makes this one a typical child's joke.

The second was told several times in the joke survey and its popularity owes something to its recounting by the young boy, Chris, in Will Smith's latest film, the 'Pursuit of Happyness'. Jokes about dying and going to heaven were quite common in the survey and many play on the idea that God has a sense of humour.





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