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Paul O'Grady's Working Britain: Download your free copy of 'A journal of working class life'

Updated Friday, 5th February 2016

Download a free booklet exploring different aspects of working class life in Britain through the years.

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Select this link to download your free journal

To accompany the BBC One series Paul O'Grady's Working Britain, you can download a free journal of working life that includes topics like:

  • Work. Traditionally rooted in factiory work, mining and transport—do newer generations in call centres see themselves as working class?
  • Homes and housing. Families and communities have been close-knit. How have family roles and standard of housing changed?
  • Leisure. How important is popular culture? Do activities like visits to the pub, the cinema, the football and the coast still stand today?
  • Representation. Does the media offer stereotypes, romanticisms or realistic protrayals? Do we still percieve heroes and villains?
  • Struggle. Trade unionists and activists have had to struggle and fight back to defend jobs and equality. Are these struggles still relevant?

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