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Why is The Open University Thinking Allowed?

Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2011

Wendy Maples explains why she's delighted that The Open University is continuing its relationship with Radio 4's exploration of the social sciences.

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BBC Radio 4 on a digital display Creative commons image Icon psd under CC-BY licence under Creative-Commons license I am very excited that The Open University is again involved with BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed. The series covers a wide mix of current social science investigations and thinking, and fits in remarkably well with the kinds of cutting-edge interests we have in the Social Sciences Faculty.

Though I am normally a Sunday night listener (after the Midnight news), the series broadcasts initially at 4.00 on Wednesday afternoons, and is available as a podcast.

The coming series, starting on April 6th, 2011 includes:

  • Leif Jerram on the social history of The Street – which is of great interest to social scientists from a range of backgrounds, and is the opening topic in our introductory social science modules.
  • Daniel Miller on the use of Facebook in Trinidad. Daniel Miller has long been interested in alternate social uses of TV programmes, and, more recently, social media.
  • The Open University’s Sophie Watson, exploring the city – and how our knowledge and understanding of the city has developed.
  • An exploration of Radical Gardening with researcher and activist George McKay. The importance of our relation with the land comes up in lots of ways in social science – whether through studies of the environment, geography, sociology, economics or politics.

If you are already an OU Social Sciences student, I hope that Thinking Allowed becomes something of a habit for you – a chance to have a Social Sciences lecture, and to further your student experience, in your own front room.

If you are interested in social sciences more generally, then "Welcome!" – I hope that the OU’s Thinking Allowed website provides some additional food for thought about the exciting topics Laurie Taylor and his guests explore.





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