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Spark it Up explanations

Updated Thursday 7th July 2011

 Find out how many items, such as electric eels and bottles of whisky, are needed to power up household items such as laptops and more.

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Now that you've had a go at our Spark It Up game, you're probably curious about the real answers.

First, here's the sources we used that are measured in watts:

Electric eel - 50      
Wind turbine - 2500000       
Solar panel - 190       
AA battery - 4       
Car battery - 500      

So this means the actual value of each needed to power up the items needing watts is as follows:

To power floodlights:
15000 electric eels    
0.3 Wind turbines    
3947.368421 solar panels    
18750 AA batteries    
1500 car batteries

To power a laptop:
0.4 electric eels    
0.000008 Wind turbines    
0.105263158 solar panels    
5 AA batteries    
0.04 car batteries

To power an electric car:   
1000 electric eels    
0.02 Wind turbines    
263.1578947 solar panels    
12500 AA batteries    
100 car batteries
To power a carousel:  
160 electric eels    
0.0032 wind turbines    
42.10526316 solar panels    
2000 AA batteries    
16 car batteries
To power a helcopter:
6000 electric eels    
0.12 wind turbines    
1578.947368 solar panels    
75000 AA batteries    
600 batteries

And here's here's sources measured in Kilojoules:

Bottle of whisky: 3600        
Lightning Bolt: 5000000        
Kilogram of coal: 12000        
Litres of heating oil: 16000        
Mg of enriched Uranium: 1000       

To make a slice of toast:
0.013888889 bottles of whisky
0.00001 lightning bolts  
0.0 04166667 kilograms of coal
0.003125 litres of heating oil    
0.05mg of enriched uranium
To power a house for 24 hours:
55.55555556 bottles of whisky
0.04 lightning bolts  
16.66666667 kilograms of coal
12.5 litres of heating oil    
200 of enriched uranium

To do a google search    
0.000277778 bottles of whisky
0.0000002 lightning bolts  
8.33333E-05 kilograms of coal
0.0000625 litres of heating oil    
0.001 of enriched uranium

To charge a mobile:
0.0 04166667 bottles of whisky
0.000003 lightning bolts  
0.00125 kilograms of coal
0.0009375 litres of heating oil    
0.015 of enriched uranium

To roast a chicken    
1.388888889 bottles of whisky
0.001 lightning bolts  
0.416666667 kilograms of coal
0.3125 litres of heating oil    
5 of enriched uranium

To power air-conditioning for 24 hours:
23.61111111 bottles of whisky
0.017  lightning bolts  
7.083333333 kilograms of coal
5.3125 litres of heating oil    
85 of enriched uranium

To wash a set of dishes    
1.388888889 bottles of whisky
0.001 lightning bolts  
0.416666667 kilograms of coal
0.3125 litres of heating oil    
5 of enriched uranium

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