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Learn with Start Up Loans

Updated Tuesday, 24 August 2021
A partnership designed to help UK businesses get off the ground and stay there.

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Start Up Loans is committed to helping UK business owners realise their business dreams. Whether that’s making a business idea a reality, or helping new businesses to grow, through funding, mentoring and support, we’re here to help UK businesses get off the ground.

With the experts at The Open University, we’ve identified a range of free, useful courses – covering a whole host of business essentials – to do the same. The courses provide a rich source of vital information for anyone that’s new to being their own boss, as well as would-be business owners who are considering taking the plunge. Covering digital skills to bookkeeping and accounting, they’re designed to help business owners understand more about the key aspects of running a business – from the day-to-day to growing your venture. Alongside the business essentials, you can now find courses focusing on climate and sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, as well as trauma and grief.


Who are we?

Start Up Loans provides government-backed loans and support for UK businesses that struggle to access finance. We’ve helped almost 85,000 businesses from all across the UK, start up and grow with loans of between £500 and £25,000, as well as mentoring and support. Because of that, we’re familiar with the challenges businesses can face. The free courses we’ve selected with The Open University have been chosen with those exact challenges in mind.












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