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Empire: 1492-1975 free course icon Level

History & The Arts 

Empire: 1492-1975

Empires have had a remarkable impact on world history over the last five centuries. The six blocks of this module each focus on a particular question, from 'What are empires?' to 'Why do empires end?' You'll consider the British Empire in detail before drawing comparisons with others, including those of France, the Netherlands, Russia, China and Spain. You'll study a wide range of primary sources, including letters and diaries, newspapers, political papers, paintings, photographs and newsreel footage.

OU course
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Digging up Spain's dead video icon

Society, Politics & Law 

Digging up Spain's dead

General Franco’s authoritarian dictatorship lasted for almost forty years. When he died in 1975, political parties of both the left and the right agreed to draw a line under the past for the sake of Spain’s peaceful transition to democracy. So why now, over 30 years later, is Spain breaking its self-imposed silence about its past?

15 mins