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Civil justice and tort law free course icon Level

Society, Politics & Law 

Civil justice and tort law

By studying this module you'll gain an understanding of the range of the laws under the civil law, as well as the operation of the civil justice system. You'll develop knowledge and skills of issues relating to law-making in England and Wales, including key underpinnings of principles and actors operating in the legal system, as well as issues relating to access to justice and alternative dispute resolution. This module will also cover the substantive legal subject of tort law. A range of torts will be explored including negligence, nuisance, and defamation.

OU course
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OpenLearn Live: 25th August 2016 audio icon

History & The Arts 

OpenLearn Live: 25th August 2016

The twelve bolts that ensured divers could continue to breathe; a brief history of gay soaps; and the end of conflict in sight in Colombia. Free learning from across the day.

5 mins
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Othello and apartheid video icon

History & The Arts 

Othello and apartheid

Can a play written in the seventeenth century protest against contemporary issues? Is it possible to use a Shakespearian tragedy draw attention to political injustice? Apartheid was a system of enforced legal racial segregation in South Africa that was imposed on the country's majority non white inhabitants by the minority white population. In 1988 actress and director Janet Suzman took the decision to defy the racist apartheid regime by staging Othello in Johannesburg with a mixed cast of both white and black actors. In these three films we explore the way in which one of Shakespeare’s plays was used to make provocative statements on the political situation in South Africa the late eighties. This material forms part of The Open University course A230 Reading and studying literature.

15 mins