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Dominic Ball testimonial article icon

Education & Development 

Dominic Ball testimonial

Professional footballer Dominic Ball has completed a Business Management Degree with The Open University. He explains why it’s important other current players start planning for the future, plus how the support of the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) helped.

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What makes it hard for migrants to learn the language of their new home? article icon


What makes it hard for migrants to learn the language of their new home?

'Why don't migrants learn English if they want to live here?' is one of those sentiments you'll have come across a lot if you've spent much time on Twitter. Maybe it's even flittered across your own mind from time to time. But, as Dr Ingrid Piller explains, just learning a language isn't as simple as that.

5 tips on financially thriving article icon

Money & Business 

5 tips on financially thriving

If you are like most people, then you're likely feeling the financial squeeze this month. Here are 5 tips on how to financially thrive all year.

Continuity and learning free course icon Level

Education & Development 

Continuity and learning

This free course, Continuity and learning, has a practical and professional development focus. You will explore interactive dimensions of workplace learning: how people and workplace cultures create formal, informal, planned and unplanned opportunities to learn. You will read about 'biographical learning' research, where adults develop narratives to better understand key points of their learning lives. You will plan and carry out a brief, informal interview with a colleague, and your colleague will interview you, on themes of learning and work. To complete this OpenLearn course you will write a short draft of the key points of the interview and reflect on your own learning biography.

Free course
12 hrs