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Certificate in Physics free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Certificate in Physics

Physics is one of the most exciting intellectual adventures of our age. Learning physics will change the way you think about the world. This certificate provides a wide-ranging introduction to physics and its applications. Topics include classical mechanics, thermal physics, fields, waves, relativity, and quantum physics of solids, atoms and nuclei. Many of them set in their historical context. It also introduces experimental physics.

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BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences free course icon


BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences

Study a specific science or pick and choose from different scientific disciplines. Many challenges facing society today involve a cross-disciplinary approach. So this degree, exploring a range of sciences, is perfect for the modern age. Start with a wide-ranging introduction to highly topical areas of modern science. This will give you a good grounding in each of the branches of science. You can continue with a broad-based approach or focus on a single area of science. Our OpenSTEM Labs mean you do some of the practical work online. Some modules also give you the opportunity to do hands-on lab work and fieldwork.

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Frameworks for critical practice with children and young people free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

Frameworks for critical practice with children and young people

If you work with children or young people and want to progress both professionally and academically, then this module is for you. This masters-level module will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the ideas that influence current practice; analyse policy and organisational changes; and explore what it means to be a critical, reflective practitioner. The module is relevant to work in a wide range of services with children and young people, including childcare, education, healthcare, social work and youth work ? and covers the whole age range from early years to youth.

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Addressing inequality and difference in educational practice free course icon


Addressing inequality and difference in educational practice

Taking a critical theory approach, this module scrutinises education policy and practice, at both national and institutional levels, with regard to the way in which they inhibit or facilitate equality in society and the community. You will be introduced to core concepts pertaining to equality and social justice within the area of 'education', before focusing on the key elements of a critical theory approach to investigating issues of equality, and the research tools you can employ. To study this module, you will need to have some experience of engaging with or working with learners. However, this can be with any age level and within any formal or informal educational setting. You will be required to challenge your own and others' experiences and assumptions related to pedagogy and learning, with a view to engaging in the process of transforming education policy and practice to effect greater equality and/or social justice. You will also be encouraged, but not required, to share your ideas and experiences with other students studying this module to broaden your understanding of social justice and equity issues across different educational contexts.

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Learning and teaching: educating the next generation free course icon


Learning and teaching: educating the next generation

This module is for anyone interested in educating school-age students. We live in a rapidly changing and complex social and digital world ? how is this changing the way we think about the kind of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment needed to educate future generations? As you interact with other students on this module, and engage critically with a range of media and published research, you'll consider current views of education across the globe. From there, you'll start to form your own vision of how educators can effectively prepare students for their place in the future.

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Learning and teaching: understanding your educational practice free course icon


Learning and teaching: understanding your educational practice

This module is for those, who in some capacity are involved in educating learners in the 3?19 years age range. It offers significant interactivity as you engage with educational debates about how a rapidly changing, social and digital world is affecting learning, pedagogy and assessment in a variety of educational settings. It explores the key concepts from the perspective of learners (how is learning experienced), teachers (how are learning and teaching enacted) and contexts for education (how are learning and teaching organised). You'll also focus on how learning and teaching are researched with a unit dedicated to researching practice.

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Investigating health and social care free course icon Level


Investigating health and social care

In an age in which various kinds of knowledge and research can be instantly available via the internet it is essential for health and social care students to learn discernment, and critical appreciation of the best knowledge and research available. This module concentrates on teaching you the skills necessary to conduct an investigation into a subject area of your own choice, related to either ageing society and older people or public health, in a systematic way through a literature review.

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