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Nature & Environment 

Environment and society

This module starts with investigating how social science perspectives change the way we understand and respond to the major environmental challenges of our time. You'll explore how understandings of environment and society had profound and unequal consequences for people and ecosystems across the planet, in the age of the Anthropocene. You'll also explore ways of understanding environmental and societal issues that are entangled in cultural, economic, social, and political terms and look at how these can provide the resources required to value environments differently and to build new models of responsibility required to navigate the Anthropocene.

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Nature & Environment 

Ship of fuels

The topic turns to responsibility, as Joe Smith blogs from his Arctic climate change expedition.

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Reith 2007: Bursting at the Seams - Survival in the Anthropocene article icon

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Reith 2007: Bursting at the Seams - Survival in the Anthropocene

Dr Stephen Peake responds to the 2007 Reith lecture by Jeffery Sachs on 'Survival in the Anthropocene'