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Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management

Environmental management is becoming increasingly important to everyone, whether at work, in the community or at home ? from complying with environmental legislation to addressing the global challenges of climate change and energy conservation. This course addresses the everyday concerns of environmental protection, natural resource management and rapidly changing environmental legislation and policy. You will explore biophysical, social, political and economic factors from local to global level, and develop the skills you need to participate creatively in the process of improving environmental performance in your own context.

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BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science

This degree will help you understand and consider responses to urgent environmental challenges, including climate change, globalisation, development, biodiversity loss, migration and urbanisation. It takes a holistic approach, combining geography and environmental science. You'll discover the complexities of our relationship with the natural environment. Explore topics like deforestation, sustainable water-resource management, pollution control, conservation and governance. Examine the consequences and implications of environmental change for sustainability. You'll also learn about the social and natural processes and interactions operating in different environments.

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Society, Politics & Law 

BA (Honours) Economics

Economic considerations play an important role in our personal lives and influence key social and political issues such as government policy, international trade, business decisions, work and climate change. Studying this degree, you'll learn economic concepts, theories and techniques that will enable you to understand real world problems and help you make more informed decisions in your own life. You'll be able to specialise in an area of economics and carry out a project on a topic of your choice. The analytical skills and statistical techniques that this degree develops are highly valued by employers.

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BA (Honours) Geography free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

BA (Honours) Geography

You'll explore how geography makes a difference to how we understand and might respond to global challenges such as poverty, climate change, migration and urbanisation. By studying places, landscapes, and issues located in space and time, you'll deepen your understanding of the relationships between human and natural environments, and how those relationships are in turn shaped by distinctive patterns of social, cultural, economic and political dynamics. As you combine this knowledge and understanding with the skills that you'll develop through virtual fieldwork in generating, interpreting, and communicating geographical imagination, you'll work towards a project to complete your degree.

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Master of Environmental Science

Our integrated masters degree combines undergraduate and postgraduate study, taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding, managing and protecting the world we live in. Gain a deeper understanding of the natural environment, and learn to ------ environmental challenges and propose solutions. Acquire the scientific knowledge and technical skills needed to address global environmental challenges such as climate change, energy, sustainability, and biodiversity loss. You'll study a range of subjects including, conservation, ecology, ecosystems, environmental management and renewable energy. You'll also learn about the socio-economic, political and ethical issues integral to these areas. In addition, you'll gain communication, project management, and research skills, as well as technical skills in areas such as remote sensing and climate modelling.

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BSc (Honours) Environmental Science

This degree explores the multiple disciplines needed to understand, manage and protect the world we live in. Learn to assess environmental problems, propose solutions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural environment. You'll study topics, including conservation, ecology, ecosystems, environmental management and renewable energy. Develop your scientific and technical knowledge and skills, and learn how to apply them to environmental challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainability. As a valued environmental science graduate, you'll be able to pursue a career in a diverse range of fields.

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Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Studies free course icon

Nature & Environment 

Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Studies

Climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion are just some of the environmental issues that are posing challenges to people and ecosystems across the planet. This interdisciplinary diploma combines the social and natural sciences to provide you with knowledge of the societal (social, political, economic, cultural and ethical) and the biophysical (geological, physical, ecological) dimensions of such issues. You'll also gain an understanding of why recognising the connections between these different dimensions is so important if the environmental challenges we face are to be effectively addressed.

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