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Understanding customers free course icon Level

Money & Business 

Understanding customers

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes emerge from the supermarket with a full trolley, having gone in for just a pint of milk? In this module you'll tackle questions like this to help you understand why customers buy. You'll learn how marketers influence customers, whether as individuals or professional buyers, and pick up some useful skills you can use yourself. You'll also study how social marketers 'sell' things like healthier lifestyles using the same tools as their commercial counterparts. This module is ideal if you're working in marketing, aiming to work in marketing, wanting to gain insights for your own business, or if you simply want to understand more about your own consumer behaviour.

OU course
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Contract law and tort law free course icon Level

Society, Politics & Law 

Contract law and tort law

This module explores a range of rights and obligations. You will examine how contracts are formed, their terms and how they end. Using commercial and consumer contexts you will consider the policy and practice underpinning the development and growth of contract law and its international aspects. The law of torts is then explored. A range of torts including negligence, nuisance and trespass are examined and set in the context of policy and public interest. You will then consider the growing range of commercial torts. Case studies are used throughout and a comparative approach is taken which considers developments in other jurisdictions.

OU course
Understanding your customers free course icon Level

Money & Business 

Understanding your customers

This free course, Understanding your customers, is a short introduction to understanding customers. The course underlines the relevance of understanding customers as individuals, members of society and members of organisations. It clarifies some key marketing concepts and terminology and highlights some differences between consumer and business-to-business marketing. The course is suitable for a variety of learners, including small business owners and those working in small businesses with limited access to specialists, as well as marketing professionals and those thinking about pursuing a course of study to become a marketing professional. This free course is an adapted extract from the Open University course B206 Understanding customers355.     Transcript36

Free course
8 hrs
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Design Behind the Bike video icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Design Behind the Bike

The Design Behind the Bike Series explores the effect of science and technology on cycling and explores how the development in technology has changed bike design and build over the last 100 years. The series of five films explores the development of technology, components, materials and innovation used to build and design new bicycles for the current market. The series includes the history of the bicycle, Materials explores the products available to build bicycles, Frame Design looks at the developments in design techniques, the Wheels film explores the different components and their structure and Aesthetics looks at what influences the designer and the consumer. The films form part of the Open University Course T317 and T174

45 mins
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Supply chains: the supermarket audio icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Supply chains: the supermarket

How does a large supermarket chain expand into new markets? How does it adapt to new cultural values and consumer preferences? This album tells the story of leading UK retailer Tesco, which has increasingly become an international player in markets such as South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. The company gains global reach by forming strategic partnerships and adapting to distinct cultural traditions and preferences. Examples from Korea, Hungary and Thailand illustrate how the management and impact of supply chains presents fundamental organisational challenges. This material forms part of The Open University course T882 Supply chain innovation, strategy and management.

1 hr 15 mins
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Water supply and treatment in the UK audio icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Water supply and treatment in the UK

Have you thought about the journey water makes to get to your taps? What processes has it undergone to make it safe to drink? The tracks in this album examine issues of water supply and treatment in the UK, where each of us uses approximately 150 litres a day! We hear from different parties involved in water management including the bodies representing the consumer, the environment, and the suppliers. The scope of the discussion ranges from wastage and emergency treatment to recycling and effluent control. In two bonus audio tracks, OU lecturer Dr Suresh Nesaratnam explains why the case studies were selected and gives an overview of the academic context in which water supply and treatment is studied. This material forms part of The Open University course T210 Environmental control and public health.

55 mins