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BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science

This degree will help you understand and consider responses to urgent environmental challenges, including climate change, globalisation, development, biodiversity loss, migration and urbanisation. It takes a holistic approach, combining geography and environmental science. You'll discover the complexities of our relationship with the natural environment. Explore topics like deforestation, sustainable water-resource management, pollution control, conservation and governance. Examine the consequences and implications of environmental change for sustainability. You'll also learn about the social and natural processes and interactions operating in different environments.

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Fundamentals of accounting free course icon Level


Fundamentals of accounting

This module provides a broad introduction to accounting study at university level. It covers the fundamentals of financial and management accounting as well as the essential skills, knowledge and ethics required to be a professional accountant. The module will also be suitable if you are in a general management position as the accounting material covers measuring management performance and improving financial planning, control and decision-making. You'll gain an understanding of financial reports through their preparation, based on the double-entry bookkeeping system, which is essential for the management of any organisation.

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New managers' toolkit free course icon

Money & Business 

New managers' toolkit

Becoming a manager may have been a dream job and an aspiration for a long time. You are keen to do your new job well. The benefit of recognition, remuneration and control over your everyday environment seem obvious. You probably like people too and want to get the best from your staff. So why does it all seem so daunting now you are there? Why does it seem so much more complex and stressful? This course will help you learn about some of the basic principles and techniques of management and help you develop your own effective management style.

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free course icon Level


Electronics: signal processing, control and communications

This module teaches industrially relevant skills in the application of analogue and digital electronics to signal processing, control and communications. Signal processing looks at the ways both analogue and/or digital filters can remove noise from signals. Control shows how using feedback and a suitable controller can change the dynamic behaviour of processes (electronic/mechanical or other) to meet a desired criterion. Communication shows how cables and radio waves can communicate data.

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Electronics: sensing, logic and actuation free course icon Level


Electronics: sensing, logic and actuation

Electronics underpins almost every facet of the modern world, controlling the smallest of surgical instruments to the largest of passenger planes, with imminent new developments such as autonomous cars and collaborative robots. You'll gain industrially relevant skills in the core aspects of electronics: sensing gives detailed awareness of the world, logic makes smart decisions and actuation produces tangible outputs. The theory you'll learn is applicable industry wide, enhanced by regular sessions in our remote laboratory where you'll personally have full real-time control over state-of-the-art electronics equipment, from your own computer.

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Environmental monitoring and protection free course icon


Environmental monitoring and protection

To conserve our environment, we need to ensure that any deterioration which can be prevented is addressed. This module is entirely online, and will equip you with knowledge of the different environmental monitoring techniques for water, noise, air, and waste; how to model and interpret the impacts of pollutants; and the techniques available to eliminate the pollutants. Computer models and rich examples make for an interesting and useful coverage of water pollution control, noise control, air quality management, and solid waste management. You will gain the skills necessary to undertake environmental assessment work, interpret the results, and suggest appropriate remedial measures, bearing in mind pollutants can be a reusable resource.

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Infectious disease and public health free course icon Level


Infectious disease and public health

Infectious disease affects all our lives to varying degrees, often making front-page news: 'New resistant strain of TB', 'Will bird flu cross over to humans?' 'Hospital infections reach epidemic proportions', etc. This module approaches infectious disease from several perspectives ? exploring the underlying biology, epidemiology, ecology and evolution of pathogens in relation to the extraordinary immune defences of their human hosts. You will learn how infections are diagnosed, how to study changes in the incidence of diseases and investigate strategies for treatment and control through detailed case studies. You will also have the chance to study a disease or disease-related topic in detail.

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free course icon


Translation in practice

This module aims to consolidate your understanding of translation theories studied previously by applying them to the practical task of translating. You can choose to study French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese or Modern Standard Arabic, in combination with English. You'll engage in professional and collaborative translation, peer review, quality control, and specialised translation. You'll use and evaluate the latest cloud-based translation technologies, including translation memories, machine translation and term bases, and undertake a range of complex translation tasks to and from your main language and English. Translation professionals will contribute to the module, and you'll put their advice into practice when engaging in authentic tasks, for example, audiovisual translation and volunteering with open translation communities.

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Chemistry: further concepts and applications free course icon Level

Science, Maths & Technology 

Chemistry: further concepts and applications

Chemistry is fundamental in our lives and this module explores chemistry in the context of the natural world, from its role in the environment, in both aqueous and atmospheric systems, to that in plants and animals, in proteins and metabolism. This online module, which includes experimental work, builds on key concepts in inorganic, physical and organic chemistry, exploring the subtle interplay between molecular structure, chemical reactivity and their practical consequences. Application of this chemistry is considered, with topics ranging from materials, industrial and environmental catalysis and pollution control, to diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, as well as strategies for the synthesis and structural determination of organic molecules.

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Science: concepts and practice free course icon Level

Science, Maths & Technology 

Science: concepts and practice

In this wholly online module, you'll explore key ideas that underpin the study of science disciplines at higher level. Following a week exploring scale, each subsequent week focuses on an area of a particular discipline ? biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science and physics/astronomy. Materials and teaching are delivered online using a mix of interactive media; audio-visual, collaborative and independent activities. You'll develop practical skills throughout the module, and in two distinct practical blocks ? focusing on observation and control of variables ? where you'll choose activities suited to your interests. In the final five weeks you'll choose two subject areas to study in more detail.

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Biological science: from genes to species free course icon Level

Science, Maths & Technology 

Biological science: from genes to species

This module explores a range of advanced topics in biological science from evolution to cell and molecular biology. You will learn about fundamental aspects of modern biology through the study of speciation and evolutionary processes, the origin of variation and genome evolution, the control of gene expression and cell behaviour, the life and death of cells, development and ageing. Building on (S294) and (S295), this module will extend your understanding of these diverse topics in biology, as well as further developing your key research skills through a mix of onscreen practical and scientific literacy activities and 'at home' field-based investigations.

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Data management free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Data management

An organisation's most valuable asset is often its data, but careful management is required to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved. Studying this module, you'll acquire an understanding of data management principles, practices and technologies, and skills to analyse an organisation's data asset to develop policies and procedures that control, protect and enhance its value. The module is based on the internationally recognised Data Management Association (DAMA) Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK2) Framework (2017). The main teaching text is the associated book, the which was written by recognised experts in data management.

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