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MA in Crime and Justice free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

MA in Crime and Justice

This masters degree explores new perspectives and ways of thinking about crime, harm and justice. It is concerned with examining problematic areas of social life, transgression, 'crime', social harm and justice. You will consider the significance of power, social structure, and economic and social inequalities in understanding 'crime', and processes of criminalisation in local, transnational and global contexts. Studying this qualification will enhance your ability to think critically about problems of crime, social harm and the delivery of justice.

OU course
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Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management free course icon


Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management

This postgraduate diploma will help you manage technology and innovation more effectively and realise its potential benefits ? making a real difference to your organisation and your own professional development. You'll begin by focusing on the operational aspects of managing technological innovation and change, before engaging with a range of capabilities that are key to the development and delivery of technological innovation ? applying your learning to your own context as you study. A wide range of optional modules enables you to choose a study pathway that suits your particular interests, including computing and ICT, business and management, development management and environmental management.

OU course
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Transforming professional practice

This module comprises a guided enquiry which develops your knowledge of a particular field in social work practice and leads to recommendations for improvement in your personal/work based context. During this module you will undertake an investigation of both evidence and experience. Enquiry focuses on one of three possible improvements within practice skill, service delivery or system development. You will explore the most effective means to disseminate the best practice that you have discovered, through publication, presentation at conference, preparation of a consultation paper and the making of a case for change to others.

OU course
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Leadership and management in health and social care free course icon Level

Money & Business 

Leadership and management in health and social care

The delivery of successful health and social care services relies on effective management and strong leadership. This module is designed for anyone who would like to learn more about management and leadership in health and social care, as well as for existing and aspiring managers. It will help you develop the necessary knowledge and analytical skills, as well as providing an overview of the organisational, legal, and policy contexts within which managers operate, focusing on the challenges and opportunities faced in this sector. Throughout the module you apply learning to real-life examples, developing evidence-based strategies for good outcomes for service users.

OU course
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What makes a great speech? audio icon

History & The Arts 

What makes a great speech?

Throughout history great orators have been able to capture a shift in the zeitgeist, and tap into an audience’s emotions. Speeches by John. F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill are considered among the greatest speeches of all time; but what made their speeches greater than the sum of their parts - and how did their structure and delivery manage to strike a chord that continues to resonate with people today? With contributions from Tony Blair’s ex speech writer Simon Lancaster and Tom Clark Editor of historic 20th Century speeches, this audio collection explores the methods and techniques used in great speeches that have allowed them to stand the test of time. This material forms part of The Open University course A150 Voices and Texts

20 mins
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Working for health audio icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Working for health

What does your health mean to you? What features in society affect it? The tracks on this album explore influences such as stress, housing and employment on everyday health, and examines debates about the relative importance of individual lifestyles and looks at wider public-health concerns and the impact of changes in NHS policy and practice on the delivery of health care. Health is increasingly ‘everybody’s business’. This album will provide you with insight into the debates that surround human health, and will enable you to appreciate and review your own and alternative standpoints and values in this important area of study. This material forms part of The Open University course K203 Working for health.

2 hrs 45 mins
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Business operations audio icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Business operations

This series of tracks examines the operations management in four service industries. Each has unique problems associated with their sector but they all have operational processes to ensure smooth delivery of their product. Material is taken from The Open University Course T883 Business operations: delivering value.

1 hr
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Lord David Puttnam on New Media Opportunities video icon

Education & Development 

Lord David Puttnam on New Media Opportunities

In this wide-ranging and provocative interview, David Puttnam spells out the impact that digitisation will have on both traditional TV broadcasters and on specialist providers such as the OU. Essentially, viewers will be able not only to control what they see amd when they want it, but also use technology to interact with the content in exciting new ways. This trend towards ‘narrowcasting’ rather than ‘broadcasting’ could be very good news for the OU, providing they choose delivery partners with the same strategic public service objectives, endeavour to make their content more relevant, and embrace innovative new approaches to learning.

5 mins