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BSc (Honours) Geology free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

BSc (Honours) Geology

From molten origins to the cradle of modern life ? listen to Earth's story. Discover how our planet works ? from the core to the clouds. Explore processes that link its diverse systems and decipher clues to its extraordinary history. You'll use your new skills to test theories and address some critical problems facing society. You'll carry out investigations, describing past and present geological phenomena, while gathering and analysing data.

OU course
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Elementary Italian 1: in campo! free course icon


Elementary Italian 1: in campo!

Do you love immersing yourself in the Italian lifestyle and culture? Getting around Italian cities and interacting with the locals when shopping or asking for directions? Are you fascinated by Italian recipes, historic marketplaces, art, and beautiful landscapes? Then (LGXI004) is perfect for you. Over 16 units, you'll build up your own Italian phrase book and deepen your knowledge of this beautiful language. You will learn the essential key functions and vocabulary needed when describing things; shopping for food or for fun; to help get around a town and arranging to meet up with friends.

OU course
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Beginners Chinese 3 free course icon


Beginners Chinese 3

Having embarked on the road to learning Mandarin Chinese, and being able to speak and understand some common topics, you may wish to continue your learning of this fascinating language. If so, this 16-unit course will be an ideal opportunity to do just that. Through 3?4 study hours per unit you'll learn through a variety of online listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. You'll cover topics from describing the weather and people, to getting about and shopping. ??? (LGXC003) is a perfect online short course to consolidate and develop further the skills needed to communicate effectively in Chinese in everyday contexts.

OU course
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Looking at, describing and identifying objects free course icon Level

History & The Arts 

Looking at, describing and identifying objects

This free course, Looking at, describing and identifying objects, will enable you to practise and develop your skills of observation and description of objects. It will also enable you to interpret objects and work towards writing your own object life cycle. You will also work with, and understand artefact databases.

Free course
2 hrs
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En rumbo: intermediate Spanish audio icon


En rumbo: intermediate Spanish

Do you want to improve your Spanish? The 14 tracks in this album are devised as revision of basic Spanish structures for introductions, talking about routines, describing people and places, making comparisons, expressing likes, making plans, talking about the future, and expressing wishes. The tracks contain recordings of Spanish and Latin American speakers mixed with suggestions for activities to do while you listen. This material has been adapted from the audio material for The Open University course L140 En rumbo: intermediate Spanish.

45 mins