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Animals at the extremes: The desert environment free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Animals at the extremes: The desert environment

Animal life has adapted to survive in the most unlikely and inhospitable habitats. This free course, Animals at the extremes: The desert environment, looks at the surprisingly diverse desert climates throughout the world and mammals, birds, lizards and amphibians that survive there. It splits these animals into three groups according to their strategy for survival: evaders, evaporators and endurers, then discusses how these strategies work on a biochemical and physiological level.

Free course
14 hrs
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Meerkats as desert specialists video icon

Nature & Environment 

Meerkats as desert specialists

Meerkats are often associated with the Kalahari sands and, over time, have become highly adapted to the desert conditions.

Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC [Photographer: Howard Stableford]
The desert tortoise without the hare audio icon

Nature & Environment 

The desert tortoise without the hare

How important are desert tortoises to the desert ecosystem? The Saving Species team talks to biologist Kimberley Field in this extended interview

15 mins
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China diaries: Zhang Xiejun video icon

Nature & Environment 

China diaries: Zhang Xiejun

Zhang Xiejun is a school teacher in Longbaoshan village, near Beijing. She talks about how the desert landscape has changed over the last decade

5 mins