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Getting started with Italian 1 free course icon Level


Getting started with Italian 1

Are you fascinated by the Italian culture and lifestyle, cuisine, historic cities, art and beautiful landscapes? Have you always loved the sound and musicality of the Italian language? Perhaps you’ve visited an Italian city and wished you could chat with local people. Or maybe you would like to be able to read a menu, talk about yourself, or talk about yours or other people’s jobs. Whatever your reasons for learning Italian, this two-week course gives you a chance to start a new exciting learning experience. You’ll start from the basics to ordering food and drinks at the bar. This OpenLearn course is an extract from the beginning of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course, LXI001 Beginners Italian 1: primi passi. After completing this free course, you may wish to register for the full course to continue your learning!

Free course
8 hrs
The science of nutrition and healthy eating free course icon Level Badge icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

The science of nutrition and healthy eating

This free course, The science of nutrition and healthy eating, looks at the science behind nutrition, covering aspects of biology, chemistry and physics as well as giving some insight into healthier eating. Reading food labels, choosing healthier foods, hydrating appropriately and understanding how we taste food will allow you to be more informed about the choices you make about the food you eat.

Free course
24 hrs
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Marxism and Marketing audio icon

Money & Business 

Marxism and Marketing

What can Marxism teach us about marketing? Is Communist thinking relevant when applied to a modern drink’s marketing strategy? The successful sale of white cider to people from poorer economic demographics has not gone unnoticed and many social commentators have criticised the manner in which the drink has been marketed. In a Capitalist system, should we expect all market opportunities to be exploited regardless of moral implications? What conclusions can be drawn when we apply Neo-Marxist thinking to the marketing of white cider, and its impact on the consumers it targets? In this audio collection The Open University’s Andrew Lindridge, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, uses this unique example to encourage the development of critical thinking skills.

10 mins
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Water supply and treatment in the UK audio icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Water supply and treatment in the UK

Have you thought about the journey water makes to get to your taps? What processes has it undergone to make it safe to drink? The tracks in this album examine issues of water supply and treatment in the UK, where each of us uses approximately 150 litres a day! We hear from different parties involved in water management including the bodies representing the consumer, the environment, and the suppliers. The scope of the discussion ranges from wastage and emergency treatment to recycling and effluent control. In two bonus audio tracks, OU lecturer Dr Suresh Nesaratnam explains why the case studies were selected and gives an overview of the academic context in which water supply and treatment is studied. This material forms part of The Open University course T210 Environmental control and public health.

55 mins
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Rundblick: beginners' German audio icon


Rundblick: beginners' German

This series of clips looks at speaking, pronunciation and listening practice on the theme of Food and Drink. Material is taken from The Open University Course L193 Rundblick: beginners' German.

25 mins