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Mechanical engineering: heat and flow

Following an introduction to mechanical engineering and the career and employability opportunities this brings, you'll study a range of topics relating to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and sustainability. Theoretical understanding will be supported and applied with relevant practical sessions using wind tunnels at our award-winning OpenEngineering Labs. Industrially relevant skills of heat transfer analysis are taught using ANSYS, the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package. In the latter part of the module, you'll apply the knowledge gained to design the heating and cooling of a low carbon building, as part of the group project.

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Renewable energy free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Renewable energy

What does a sustainable energy system look like? How might renewable energy provide a much greater proportion of our energy needs in the coming decades? Which technologies and designs for the various renewable energy sources will we rely on to help us decarbonise our energy systems and maintain a secure supply of affordable electricity and heat? In this module you'll explore these questions by systematically reviewing the eight main renewable energy technologies. With the help of study guides, you will develop your ability to apply this knowledge practically ? especially for solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind.

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Engineering: mathematics, modelling, applications free course icon Level


Engineering: mathematics, modelling, applications

This module builds on the engineering concepts and basic mathematics in (T192) and (T193). Throughout the initial eight weeks, your study will strengthen and consolidate your skills and knowledge in already visited topics to ensure you have a robust foundation of numeracy and algebra essential for new concepts. Next, you'll explore the techniques of trigonometry, calculus, complex numbers and matrices in the context of engineering examples such as motion, heat transfer and basic statics and electricity. You'll finish the module with guided revision and develop exam techniques in preparation for the final examination.

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How can you exercise safely in the heat? article icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

How can you exercise safely in the heat?

A hot week lays ahead but do you have to abandon your keep-fit routines when the mercury gets so high? Not if you're careful, say Hannah Moir and Chris Howe.

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When is the best time to water during a heatwave? article icon

Nature & Environment 

When is the best time to water during a heatwave?

The sun is out, the sky is blue; there's not a cloud to spoil the view and have you seen what that's doing to the herbaceous border? Botanist Alastair Culham explains how to make the most of watering as Britain continues to experience a hot spell.

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Bang Goes The Theory: Show me the bunny article icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Bang Goes The Theory: Show me the bunny

Another chance to see the 'big contraption' chain reaction experiment from the BBC/OU series Bang Goes The Theory

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Some like it hot... but not this hot! article icon

Nature & Environment 

Some like it hot... but not this hot!

Professor Bob Spicer braves sweltering temperatures and giant squirrels to collect climate data from the architecture of leaves in the forests of Kerala.