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Exploring books for children: words and pictures free course icon Level

History & The Arts 

Exploring books for children: words and pictures

Many people have fond memories of the stories they encountered in childhood, perhaps especially of those wonderful picture books and illustrated tales which fired our young imaginations and transported us to magical worlds. To an adult’s eye, some picture books may seem remarkably simple, even oversimplified. However, in this free course, Exploring books for children: words and pictures, you will learn how children’s books use words and pictures together in remarkably sophisticated ways to communicate both to young and older readers, drawing on examples from the classics, such as Beatrix Potter’s Tales of Peter Rabbit, and from contemporary children’s authors such as Anthony Browne, author of Gorilla.

Free course
8 hrs
The Seasons in Art video icon

History & The Arts 

The Seasons in Art

How have the seasons been represented in art over the centuries? These films explore this question by analysing paintings by famous artists from Bruegel to Van Gogh as well as some less well-known works.

15 mins
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Childhood free course icon Level

Health, Sports & Psychology 


What does it mean to be a child in today's world? Do popular images of childhood match the reality of young people's lives? How is childhood affected by poverty, ill-health and adversity? Do children have different rights from adults, and if so why? How are modern lifestyles and technologies changing children's relationships and identities? What part do children play in shaping their childhood? Such questions are the starting point for this cross-disciplinary introduction to childhood and youth studies, covering the age range 0?18 and including audio-visual case studies from three contrasting parts of the world.

OU course
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Science and society free course icon Level


Science and society

A digital camera is recommended to record images of your work.

OU course
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What do you see? How images can change what you think activity icon

History & The Arts 

What do you see? How images can change what you think

Are images we see every day always what they seem? Look beyond your first glance and discover how images can persuade you to think a certain way.

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Human trafficking: Modern day slavery? video icon

Society, Politics & Law 

Human trafficking: Modern day slavery?

The phrase "human trafficking" conjures up shocking images of modern slavery, abuse and victims. But are people who have been trafficked necessarily asking for protection? Rather than helping, is the language and terminology surrounding this very serious issue just part of the problem?

15 mins
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Spectacular Flirtations video icon

History & The Arts 

Spectacular Flirtations

Open University Art History professor, Gill Perry takes us through The National Portrait Gallery and explores the relationship between 18th Century art and theatre and the notion of actresses and their portraits as seductive, beguiling objects. Gill also looks at parallels in the ways contemporary female stars use media images to promote themselves as celebrities.

5 mins
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