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Life Story: First Steps article icon

TV, Radio & Events 

Life Story: First Steps

The first episode of Life Story follows stage one of the journey - surviving infancy.

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Exploring babies' and young children's development and learning audio icon

Education & Development 

Exploring babies' and young children's development and learning

What significant processes occur in infancy for development and learning? How does cultural environment influence individual development? And how do infants begin to develop their understanding of other people? On this album, international experts present their perspectives on the ways infants and young children enter the social and cultural worlds around them, and ways that children develop their skills of thinking and learning. The speakers are Professors Rudolph Schaffer, Michael Cole, Alison Garton, Vasu Reddy and Dr Suzanne Zeedyk. The interviews are introduced and contextualised by Dr Dorothy Faulkner and Professor David Messer of The Open University. The material forms part of The Open University course ED841 Understanding children's development and learning.

2 hrs