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Studying mammals: Return to the water free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Studying mammals: Return to the water

Some of the most unusual and versatile of all the mammals are the groups that live, feed and reproduce underwater. In this free course, Studying mammals: Return to the water, we will see how these formerly land-based mammals adapted to a return to the water, discussing such challenges as breathing, movement and communication. This is the seventh course in the Studying mammals series. NOTE: The Studying mammals series is gradually being updated and replaced. You can study an improved freestanding version of this course, titled Aquatic mammals, here:

Free course
10 hrs
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Seeking Sanctuary video icon

Society, Politics & Law 

Seeking Sanctuary

How do refugees and asylum seekers find political voice? Many face hostility, isolation and exclusion, but while waiting to seek sanctuary what positive, constructive and engaging contributions can they do for society? City of Sanctuary is a movement set up to foster a culture of hospitality in sixteen major cities across the UK.

20 mins
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The bubble audio icon

Society, Politics & Law 

The bubble

Sir Isaac Newton observed that he could track the movement of the stars but not the madness of men. This fast paced album looks at the history and causes of economic bubbles and focuses on the highs and lows of the boom of the early 2000s. How do we spot a bubble emerging? Why do we buy into it? And what are the consequences when a bubble bursts? This material forms part of The Open University course DB234 Personal investment in an uncertain world

45 mins