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Nonlinear ordinary differential equations free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Nonlinear ordinary differential equations

Relevant to scientists and engineers as well as mathematicians, this introduction to basic theory and simpler approximation schemes covers systems with two degrees of freedom. It introduces the geometric aspects of the two-dimensional phase space, the importance of fixed points and how they can be classified, and the notion of a limit cycle. You'll develop schemes to approximate the solutions of autonomous and non-autonomous equations to understand how these solutions behave. Periodically forced nonlinear oscillators and nonlinear oscillators with periodically time-varying parameters leading to parametric resonances are discussed, along with the stability of these solutions and tests for obtaining stability.

OU course
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Metal detector article icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Metal detector

Outline of how to make a metal detector, one of the scientists' challenges on the BBC/OU series Rough Science 3