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Coaching for performance free course icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Coaching for performance

This course provides a robust and easy-to-follow framework for developing your practical skills to help you as a manager coach for performance. It is developed by hugely experienced coaches who have taught coaching skills for many years and who have also worked as managers in a range of organisations. Through a structured sequence of reading, video study, skills practice and reflective assignments this course is primarily aimed at middle managers and team leaders who wish to develop skills and knowledge in performance-focused coaching in their workplace.

OU course
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Marketing in the 21st century free course icon

Money & Business 

Marketing in the 21st century

The economic turmoil of the last few years has required organisations to undertake more creative marketing as well as be more responsive to the needs of the market. This online module explores a variety of marketing issues that emerge from marketing planning, such as marketing research, marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning. You will draw upon current theories and examples that illustrate how organisations of all sizes deal with environmental challenges and through this gain a strong appreciation of how marketing principles will not only benefit your organisation, but also how you can use these to improve your own performance.

OU course
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Managing performance through people free course icon

Money & Business 

Managing performance through people

As a manager your role is to get the best from resources and people to achieve what needs to be done. Managing performance combines formal and informal processes, is about setting direction as well as the daily interactions with teams and staff. This course is designed to help you to develop techniques and skills to recognise fluctuations in performance, know when and how to intervene to deal with poor and under-performance and to encourage more consistent results and high performance where it is possible. You will gain some useful tools to develop your own management performance in the workplace.

OU course
Shakespeare: For All Time? video icon

History & The Arts 

Shakespeare: For All Time?

A current production of Julius Caesar is causing controversy in the USA for allegedly depicting Donald Trump's murder, but what does this tell us about the nature of Shakespeare's plays?

10 mins
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Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance free course icon Level

Education & Development 

Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance

Learning new skills is what makes us human but can we improve how we go about learning new things in new situations? Learning how to learn can help you to understand what works for you and what doesn't when you set out to learn new skills, either for work, your education, training or everyday life. In this free course, Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance, you will learn to recognise, use and adapt your skills confidently and effectively in different situations and contexts.

Free course
50 hrs
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Politics as performance video icon

Money & Business 

Politics as performance

The great US President Abraham Lincoln famously said ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.’ In an age of televised electoral debates, the pressure on our politicians to convince the majority of the electorate they can deliver on their promises has never been greater. In a short video trailer which features footage of Gordon Brown, Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, George Bush and Barack Obama, politicians Glenda Jackson and William Hague are among those who discuss the role of acting in politics, while an audio commentary presented by The Open University’s Professor of Politics Mike Saward looks at the demands on the politician as a performer.

15 mins
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The Italian Cantastorie audio icon

History & The Arts 

The Italian Cantastorie

Italians are world renowned as passionate people, and their passion feeds through to their music and story telling. This album explores the tradition of the Cantastorie - the Italian Storyteller. Cantastorie Mauro Geraci explains the intricacies of the music, the paintings, the instruments and the drama of the performance. This material is drawn from The Open University course AA317, Words and music.

40 mins
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Carnival and the performance of heritage audio icon

History & The Arts 

Carnival and the performance of heritage

There's a lot more to Notting Hill Carnival than a great street party. This album gives you a true insider guide, by some of the people who have made the Carnival what it is today. Its story reaches back to the darkest recesses of European tradition, through Colonialism and slavery, to racist Britain of the 1950’s and 60’s. It merges contemporary ideas with art forms reaching back via the Caribbean slave plantations to tribal Africa. And its setting in West London brings out a history of the area which some of its residents might prefer to forget. The album also contains academic perspectives from Susie West, Lecturer in Heritage Studies at The Open University; Hakim Adi, Reader in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora at Middlesex University; and Ruth Tompsett, Visiting Lecturer in Carnival Studies at Middlesex University. This material forms part of The Open University Course AD281 Understanding global heritage.

1 hr 45 mins
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Entrainment video icon

History & The Arts 


Open University ethnomusicologist Martin Clayton describes how his study of music and its performance in different cultural settings has allowed him to develop his understanding of the concept of entrainment. His research into this phenomenon is providing key insights into the synchronisation of rhythmic processes in humans and in the natural world. To find out more, follow the research links.

5 mins