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Predictive medicine free course icon Level

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Predictive medicine

In this free course, Predictive medicine, you will learn how advances in genetics could change the way in which diseases are diagnosed and managed. The advent of predictive medicine, based on more detailed DNA profiling of individual genotypes using technologies like gene chips, rather than screening for one gene at a time, may shift the relationship between doctor and patient. People will be seeking advice on how to manage their susceptibilities or genetic risks, rather than looking for treatment for an already existing disorder.

Free course
4 hrs
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Investigating flagellates, plankton and filter feeders audio icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Investigating flagellates, plankton and filter feeders

How do we enter the strange and fascinating world of small organisms? How do scientists explore their habits, growth, and rather intriguing behaviours? In this album, scientists from Italy, the US and the UK reveal some of the technologies and techniques they use to investigate the behaviour of small aquatic organisms such as flagellates, plankton and filter feeders. In the audio track, Dr David Robinson of The Open University talks about some of the problems and rewards of investigating very small aquatic creatures. This material forms part of The Open University course S204 Biology: uniformity and diversity.

35 mins