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European Union law

At the time of producing this module description the procedure for the UK leaving the European Union has commenced but is not completed. Hopefully, when this presentation starts a clearer picture will have emerged. Whilst the focus of the module will remain as set out below, some details may require modification in order to accurately reflect the impact of the emergent changes.

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Law, society and culture free course icon Level

Society, Politics & Law 

Law, society and culture

You will need to record an oral presentation as part of your assessed work on this module. We strongly recommend that you use a headset with a microphone, as using an external or integrated microphone and speakers could result in a poor-quality recording.

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The power of infographics in research dissemination free course icon Level

Education & Development 

The power of infographics in research dissemination

Infographics are becoming an essential tool in data representation and research communication. In this free course, The power of infographics in research dissemination, you will explore when and how infographics can be useful to your work. You will look at some good and bad practice in making and using infographics, and will learn how to evaluate infographics that appear to be presenting research evidence. The course concludes by introducing some free resources that can help you produce effective infographics of your own, and critically evaluate the infographics of others.

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7 hrs