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Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics

This certificate comprises two 30-credit modules from a wide choice. Tailor your study to areas that suit you. Develop skills in problem solving and decision making relevant in business, commerce and industry. It's also the first stage of our postgraduate mathematics programme. You can progress to the postgraduate diploma and then the MSc in Mathematics.

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Advanced routing - CCNP 1 free course icon Level


Advanced routing - CCNP 1

As a Cisco Academy, we can offer you the opportunity to study the Cisco Certified Network Professional course Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE). This module will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to deploy and manage a range of internal and external routing protocols for a large scale internetwork using Cisco equipment. You will also be expected to undertake individual research to contextualise Cisco in the broader networking environment. You will be provided with hands-on lab experience via NETLABS?. If you successfully complete this module you can progress to CCNP ROUTE certification.

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The problem of progress article icon

Society, Politics & Law 

The problem of progress

Geoff Andrews argues that to understand political philosopher John Gray's view on immortality theories, we need to look at the development of his wider political philosophy

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Thinking Allowed - Immortality article icon

TV, Radio & Events 

Thinking Allowed - Immortality

In this week's Thinking Allowed, one of the UK's leading philosophers John Gray visits the studio. Our exclusive article delves into his work 

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Thinking Allowed - Kissing men and decline of violence article icon

TV, Radio & Events 

Thinking Allowed - Kissing men and decline of violence

In this week's episode, Laurie Taylor discusses aerial bombardment in the UK and the level of progress over time, and hears why men are more comfortable kissing each other.

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Sensory augmentation devices video icon

History & The Arts 

Sensory augmentation devices

How can new technology help you to play a new musical instrument? The E-Sense research programme is experimenting with novel augmentation devices to explore sensory, bodily and cognitive extension. In this interdisciplinary research, philosophy and art combine with various flavours of computing: ubiquitous; wearable; and physical. We take a look at how E-Sense's speculative philosophical research experiments, built on the 1960's work of Paul Bach-Y-Rita's minimal tactile vision sensory substitution (TVSS) systems, are now helping progress research in other very practical applications.

10 mins