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Education & Development 

Succeed with learning

This course is for people who want to feel more confident about their learning skills. Informal in approach, the course builds on each person's own qualities, knowledge and skills to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of learning and of their own potential. It introduces some core ideas about learning and academic study, and some planning tools to enable participants to take their next step with confidence.

Free course
24 hrs
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Education & Development 

Space for reflection

Madhavi Kapur, head of the Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, explains why many schools in Asia find students benefit from a little breathing space.

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Money & Business 

Critical Reflection

Is management a personal or collaborative process? What outside factors affect managers on a day-to-day basis? Traditional thinking can often give the impression that being objective, rational, dispassionate and independent are prerequisites for being a manager. However it’s quite possible many managers could be caught in a whirlwind of outside influences, affecting their every action and it’s these pressures that critical reflective approaches seek to expose by questioning many of the invisible and informal structures that exist within companies. In this audio collection Caroline Ramsey, Senior Lecturer in Management Practice at The Open University, argues that management is a social, political and moral process, and that knowing this can be of enormous help in developing your own executive practice.

10 mins
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Science, Maths & Technology 

Invisible challenge

Have you ever wanted to make something invisible? Well now's your chance - see if you can make something disappear with the invisibility challenge.