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Evaluating psychology: research and practice free course icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Evaluating psychology: research and practice

This module presents recent research from cognitive, social, counselling and forensic psychology, showing its relevance to real-world problems in three broad domains ? the home, workplace and society. The socially relevant topics showcase the research and methodological expertise of academics from the School of Psychology and elsewhere. The varied assessment tasks will equip you to evaluate psychological, theories and research studies, and communicate psychological knowledge to academic and non-academic audiences. In the second part of the module, you'll develop your own dissertation project on an area of psychology and research question that interests you. By the end of the module, you'll have gained the confidence to find and use advanced psychological knowledge in a range of contexts.

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Advancing social work practice free course icon


Advancing social work practice

This is an interdisciplinary module with subject matter derived from psychology, sociology, social policy, law and social work studies. It builds on the pre-requisite module (K832) and will support you as a student social worker in becoming a confident, analytical and reflective practitioner. You'll extend your research skills and explore social work practice with different service user groups.

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Non-medical independent and supplementary prescribing free course icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Non-medical independent and supplementary prescribing

This programme is designed to enable you to gain the knowledge and skills required for safe, appropriate and effective prescribing practice. It will empower you to enhance your role and effectively use your skills and competencies to improve patient care. You'll have the opportunity to consider contemporary research and its importance in the continued development and implementation of best practice. You'll become equipped as an Independent/Supplementary Prescriber ready to be responsible and accountable for the assessment of patients with diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions, together with the decision-making skills required in clinical management.

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MA English part 2

This module enables you to complete your MA in English by producing a dissertation on a topic that you choose yourself, guided by your tutor and building on the study areas and approaches you explored in (A815). This provides a satisfying culmination to your studies enabling you to demonstrate your command of scholarly techniques and your skill in devising, planning and writing an extended research project in literature. Highly rewarding in its own right, the MA dissertation is also an ideal preparation for doctoral level research and for a wide range of careers.

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Research methods for finance

This module introduces you to the underlying principles of research in modern finance, its process, philosophy, methods and methodology. It aims to develop your competency in applying statistical and econometric techniques to problems in finance. It will alert you to the assumptions and limitations that underpin these quantitative methods. At the end of the module you'll be able to decide on which techniques to apply, and able to design and execute an empirical investigation of a problem in finance.

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Research project free course icon


Research project

In this final module, you'll design a research proposal by identifying and developing a research problem relevant to your MSc. Your research will involve a literature review, original data collection, data analysis and the drawing of conclusions. You'll then communicate the outcome of your research through a dissertation. The module is online and support is available to you at every stage from the online study materials, your supervisor and online forums.

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Extended translation project/dissertation

This module consolidates your understanding of translation theories and practice. You will start by focussing on research methods in translation studies and then, with the support of your tutor, design a proposal for an independent, extended piece of work. You can select a text of your choice, in consultation with your tutor, and produce an extended translation with accompanying commentary; or you can write an academic dissertation on a topic that you agree with your tutor. In either case, your work should be between 12,000 and 15,000 words.

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