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Understanding research with children and young people free course icon Level

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Understanding research with children and young people

The course covers why it is important to include children and young people in research about their lives. It explores what it means to carry out research with children and young people. The course gives an insight into the fundamental rights of children and young people contained in the UNCRC, it provides a framework which can underpin all research with and by children, to help start to formulate research project ideas and consider how to go about carrying them out.

Free course
16 hrs
Introducing the voluntary sector free course icon Level Badge icon

Money & Business 

Introducing the voluntary sector

This free course, Introducing the voluntary sector, will guide you through some of the distinctive features and values of the voluntary sector, how organisations are funded and involve volunteers and other ‘stakeholders’ in their work. It will also provide you with knowledge and skills you can apply to your own work or volunteering as well as your everyday life.

Free course
24 hrs
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Successful IT systems free course icon Level

Science, Maths & Technology 

Successful IT systems

Information technology (IT) systems are a critical part of our world, in business and the public and voluntary sectors. They are often highly complex and interconnected combinations of technology, organisations and people. Success and failure of IT systems can be seen in many different settings. Many are highly successful; others fail, sometimes spectacularly. This free course focuses on success, to help you understand what is meant by a successful IT system.

Free course
9 hrs
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Stakeholders in marketing and finance free course icon Level

Money & Business 

Stakeholders in marketing and finance

This free course, Stakeholders in marketing and finance, comprises two sections introducing the idea of customers and stakeholders for financial information. It also contains two activities in which learners are asked to relate the ideas discussed to their own work practice.

Free course
2 hrs
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Systems practice: Managing sustainability free course icon Level

Science, Maths & Technology 

Systems practice: Managing sustainability

This free course, Systems practice: Managing sustainability, introduces ways in which systems thinking can help support processes of decision making amongst stakeholders with different, often contrasting, perspectives on sustainable development in order to generate purposeful action to improve situations of change and uncertainty. You will learn about systems practice for managing sustainable development, and find out how 'learning systems' are designed for purposeful action in the domain of sustainable development.

Free course
15 hrs
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Microphone magic video icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Microphone magic

Emily Benson talks about her role in the Stakeholder Forum organisation and how she brings together stakeholders across sectors with the simple use of a microphone

10 mins
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The ethical marketeer article icon

History & The Arts 

The ethical marketeer

How realistic is it to maintain high ethical standards in the marketplace? Can a company market successfully - and honestly?