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Darwin Now pod 5: Darwinian demons audio icon

Nature & Environment 

Darwin Now pod 5: Darwinian demons

If only the fittest survive in nature, you might expect the world to be taken over by a small number of rampant species. So why, instead of dull monotony, are we faced with infinite variety?

15 mins
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Nature & Environment 

What is evolution?

Stephen Serjeant explains that survival of the fittest is about reproduction more than strength

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History & The Arts 

Extract from Origin Of Species

In 1859 Darwin published a book that was to change the way in which we all viewed the world. "On the Origin of Species" was to bring this quiet man a fame that he was to shun for the rest of his days. The theory of natural selection deals with the way in which species are selected to survive by nature. Any advantage, be it the right shaped beak or a long neck, will tend to be developed by the evolutionary process. Hence the giraffe or the kangaroo or even humans have evolved a variety of ways and means that give them an advantage over other species. The following is an extract from a chapter in Darwin’s book entitled: "Natural selection".