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Looking for the Open2 forums?

Updated Monday 11th October 2010

 If you have arrived here while looking for the forums, we've got some explaining to do...

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We’ve just launched the successor to - OpenLearn. Most pages have been moved to the new website, but the way forums work has changed.

The new site will make commenting on specific pages much easier. It also integrates with the OU’s other accounts. If you happen to be a member of staff, or a student, you can use your existing account. If you don’t already have an OU account you’ll need to register for one.

OpenLearn is built using a different system to Open2. This is good – because you should find the new site more reliable and easier to use. But it also posed some challenges during the transition.

We’ve carried lots of your old conversations across to OpenLearn. Sadly, we’ve been unable to preserve your names in these archived conversations. We’re sorry if this causes you any problems.

The approach to discussion on OpenLearn will differ from that on Discussion will be focused around particular subjects, and will take place at the bottom of OpenLearn pages in the comments area.

We’re aware that some of you might find this disappointing. Unfortunately it’s too expensive to facilitate discussion across every subject, so we’ve taken the decision to focus the range of subjects around which discussion happens.

We have moved across some of the busier discussions from and attached them to the bottom of 'debate pages'. You can find using these methods:

  • Search for the name of the Open2 user who started the debate
  • Click on the debate tag
  • Search for 'Debate:' on OpenLearn

 To join in the debate here on OpenLearn, you'll need to create an account.





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