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OU on the BBC: An Hour to Save Your Life

Updated Tuesday 4th March 2014

The moment an emergency call is made, a clock starts ticking. Discover more about the series, and the science behind it.

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A trauma patient receiving emergency medical care Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC This new medical science series explores the life or death decisions facing doctors in the first critical hour of emergency care.

From the moment the 999 call is made, An Hour to Save Your Life follows the stories of three patients, minute by minute, second by second, as frontline doctors and ambulance staff battle against the clock to treat their injuries.

With 360 degree access to specialist clinicians both at the scene and in the hospital, together with candid testimony from the medics themselves, this series gives a unique insight into the dilemmas and innovations of emergency care.

Watch An Hour to Save Your Life on BBC Two

An Hour to Save Your Life is on Tuesday evenings at 9pm, starting on 4 March. Information on each episode will appear below.

Find out more about trauma and how patients are treated





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