Thinking Allowed 2017 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Thinking Allowed 2017

OU/BBC's Thinking Allowed puts the focus on the latest thinking about how society works. Read exclusive academic insights from The Open University every week as each show airs.

BBC Radio 4

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The OU has a unique partnership with the BBC, co-producing content for radio, television and online channels. We also work with a range of other broadcasters in the UK and internationally.
Here’s what’s coming up in next few days and what you can catch up with via iPlayer.

Life Story Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC/Anup Shah
Wednesday 4:15pm
29 Mar 2017

Life Story

Life Story takes us on the greatest of all adventures – the journey through life. Find out more, and watch clips from the series.

The Secrets of Your Food Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Martha Swales - BBC
Thursday 12:15am
30 Mar 2017

The Secrets of Your Food

'The Secrets of Your Food' is the delicious science story of the food on your plate. 

The Bottom Line: Winter 2017 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC
BBC Radio 4
Thursday 8:30pm
30 Mar 2017

The Bottom Line: Winter 2017

Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

Meet The Lords Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC
BBC Four
Thursday 10:00pm
30 Mar 2017

Meet The Lords

Series following the larger-than-life characters that populate the House of Lords, one of Britain's oldest, most idiosyncratic and most important institutions.

Child of Our Time 16 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The BBC
Monday 9:00pm
03 Apr 2017

Child of Our Time 16

In the year 2000 the BBC began filming the lives of 25 children born across the UK.  As they turn 16, Professor Robert Winston and Professor Tanya Byron discover how they are being affected by huge changes in their brains and behaviour that

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