Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Production Team Life - with David Attenborough

Life - with David Attenborough

David Attenborough explores the vibrant mix of life found on our plant - where it comes from, and what threatens it.

BBC Four

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BBC Four
Monday 7:30pm 26 Aug 2019

Building Cars Live

Buckle up for an incredible journey into the fascinating secret world of the car factory. 

BBC Four
Thursday 12:45am 15 Aug 2019

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

This documentary from the BBC explores the eccentric life of Ada Lovelace, the world's first programmer, the 'Enchantress of Numbers'

Wednesday 6:00am 14 Aug 2019

Catching History's Criminals: The Forensics Story

Gabriel Weston investigates the world of the forensic scientist and the murders they've helped to solve.

Monday 4:15pm 12 Aug 2019

Life Story

With Life Story, David Attenborough takes us on the greatest of all adventures – the journey through life. Find out more, and watch clips from the series.

BBC Ideas
Wednesday 2:21pm 31 Jul 2019

BBC Ideas

Short films for curious minds. 

BBC World Service
Sunday 10:06pm 28 Jul 2019

A history of music and technology

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason explores the impact of technology on music throughout the years.