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All in the Mind

Join us for the OU/BBC Radio 4 series that explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

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About the series

Psychologist Claudia Hammond presents All in the Mind - the series that expores new ideas in how we think and behave. The programmes explore three aspects of human behaviour: issues in the delivery of mental health services, from new schemes to help service users to the side effects of drugs; the latest neuroscience research, from multimillion pound projects to map the brain to the human stories of having your brain studied; and new ideas in psychology, such as research into memory or into phobias.

The programmes feature interviews with academic researchers, mental health practitioners, and people with psychological issues.

Catch up with the Winter 2014/2015 series and Winter 2013/2014 series.

The first episode of the new series of All in the Mind airs on Tuesday 27th October at 9.00 PM and is repeated on Wednesdays at 3.30 PM.  Full broadcast details and listen again links can be found on

All in the Mind Awards 2016 - Get nominating!

Have you had mental health difficulties now or in the past? Do you know a person, project or group that has offered the support or advice that made a real difference to your life? If so, this is your chance to enter them for the second All in the Mind Awards. More information can be found on the BBC's website along with details for submissions. The deadline is midnight on 31st January 2016.

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Teenage Mental Health

As evidence accumulates that mental health problems are on the rise amongst adolescents, are services keeping up? Claudia Hammond is joined by a panel of experts to discuss teenage mental health.

Professor Shirley Reynolds, Dr Dickon Bevington, Kimberley Robinson and Sarah Hulyer discuss the pressures teenagers face and how the mental health of our adolescents is changing. They also offer thoughts on how services could be reshaped to cope with this changing demand and what parents can do to help their teenagers.

Find out more about some of the themes raised

Episodes in this series

Episode Description
Recovery Colleges, Forecasters and James Morris MP This week's All in the Mind looks at Recovery Colleges, people who can 'super forecast' and what James Morris MP is... Read more
Brain bank dismantling, Climate change psychology, Trigger warnings for books Claudia Hammond hears from Europe's largest brain bank, Dr Sander van der Linden on climate change and Richard... Read more
IAP Services, MP Kevin Jones, Bilingualism This week's programme looks at Improving Access to Psychological Services, bilingualism as part of stroke research... Read more
Mindfulness, porn addiction and slothfulness Claudia Hammond presents the latest episode in the series that explores the limits and potential of the human mind. Read more
The Overview effect, crying and lying This episode on All in the Mind focuses on how astronauts are affected by seeing Earth from space, crying and lying. Read more
The launch of the All in the Mind Awards This week's episode launches The All in the Mind Awards. Read more
Fire starters, Lisa Cameron MP and the rest test This weeks All in the Mind explores research on firesetting, resting and has an interview with Lisa Cameron MP who is... Read more
Teenage Mental Health This week's programme focuses on mental health problems among adolescents. Read more




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