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Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC All in the Mind - Autumn/Winter 2020

All in the Mind - Autumn/Winter 2020

Claudia Hammond explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday
24th November 2020 at 9:00PM
Updated Wednesday 28th October 2020

Psychologist Claudia Hammond presents All in the Mind - the series that explores new ideas in how we think and behave. The programmes explore three aspects of human behaviour: issues concerning mental health, the latest neuroscience research, and new ideas in psychology.

The first episode of the new series of All in the Mind airs from Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 9.00 PM and is repeated on Wednesdays at 3.30 PM.  Full broadcast details and listen again links can be found on We have a range of academic insights on the topics raised in the programmes in the boxes below.

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