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Bringing up Britain

Mariella Frostrup presents the series that explores the complex realities of parenting in today's Britain.

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Bringing Up Britain presenter Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Radio 4's parenting series, Bringing up Britain, returns for another year to explore the complex realities of parenting in today's Britain. Each episode, Mariella Frostrup hosts a debate about parenting with families, experts and policy-makers.

This series includes topics including:
Intelligence and IQ
Divorce and separation
Behaviour, manners and discipline


Join the debate

Let us know your views in the polls for each episode.

But what do children and young people think?

Dr Victoria Cooper asks 'Do we really listen to children and young people?' in an article about participation from the Children's Research Centre at the Open University. Ellie Jones speaks about her experience of youth participation in a video interview.

We also asked a group of 12-16 year olds what they think of the poll questions and issues in each episodes - click here to see the results and compare their answers with your own views. 

Find out more

Here on OpenLearn, you can dive deeper into the subject of parenting, childhood and youth studies:

The first episode airs at 9.00am on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 on BBC Radio 4, with an edited repeat at 9.30pm. For more information, visit the programme page on

Behaviour, manners and discipline

The shadow of a parent and child Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Jorg Hackemann | How important are good manners and discipline in young children? Bringing Up Britain debates the best methods of tackling bad behaviour when children test boundaries. Mariella and her guests discuss whether giving them rewards, banishing them to the naughty step, or "love bombing" works best.

Do children learn how to behave from their parents, or act up on account of the factors such as what food they eat, too much screen time, their genetics or gender?

Mariella is joined by guests including Oliver James, clinical psychologist; Penny Palmano, best-selling author on good manners; Stephen Scott, Professor of Child Health and Behaviour at Kings College London; and Bonamy Oliver, Head of the Nurture Lab at the University of Sussex.

Take the poll - How should parents react when children test boundaries?

But what do children and young people think?

Find out more about childhood and parenting

Study with The Open University

Episodes in this series

Episode Description
Behaviour, manners and discipline In the final programme of three, Mariella and guests debate the best methods of tackling bad behaviour when children... Read more
Divorce, separation and children In the second programme, Mariella and guests explore what parents can do when they have decided to end their... Read more
Boosting your child's IQ In the first programme, Mariella Frostrup and guests start the new school year exploring what can affect a child's IQ. Read more


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