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Green Originals

Discover profiles of some of the pioneering environmental figures of the last 60 years.

BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 on Friday
24th January 2020 at 1:45PM
Updated Monday 16th December 2019

While co-producing the BBC Radio 4 Radio series Green Originals earlier this year, it was apparent there are many climate change activists who may not have quite had the recognition they deserved. So, on World Environment Day, Friday 5th June 2020, we launched a brand new BBC Ideas animation to view online. Prescient Predictions will introduce you to three pioneers who predicted climate change, one as early as 1856, and you’ve probably never heard of them before! 

  • See the full playlist of content so far from the BBC ideas and OU partnership here

Green Originals aired earlier this year on BBC Radio Four with a 15-minute episodes on climate change pioneers. For a chance to listen again, visit the BBC website.

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