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The Bottom Line: Autumn 2016

Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

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Since 2006 The Open University and the BBC have been bringing Evan Davis and his panel of experts into your living room to share their insights on a range of subjects facing businesses both nationally and globally. Now they're back with a brand new series for autumn 2016.

Here on OpenLearn you'll find articles, free courses, podcasts and videos to help you discover more about the topics discussed in the programmes. You can go beyond the headlines with experts from The Open University Business School and watch exclusive extended interviews with some of the guests.

For full details of upcoming broadcasts, and links to listen or watch again, visit the BBC website or visit the episode guide below.

Here you can:

Looking for information on an older series or episode of the Bottom Line? See all our Bottom Line pages.

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If the word auction conjures up pictures of a man with a gavel in a packed room shouting 'going, going, gone' - think again. These days governments and businesses rely on complicated online auctions to buy and sell. Auctions are also the preferred mechanism for the allocation of radio spectrum licences to mobile phone companies and the selling of mineral rights. Auctions come in a huge variety of forms, and the precise design can have a dramatic effect on the outcomes. Do you know a sealed bid from a "combinatorial clock" auction? Evan Davis and guests discuss the business of auctions. 

Guests include: 

  • Dan Maldoom, DotEcon
  • Samantha Collett property developer 
  • Stephen Lerner, 3 UK

Episodes in this series

Episode Description
Theresanomics Theresa May wants a bigger role for government in business. Will it happen? Can it work? Read more
Brexit: What next? Evan Davis and guests discuss doing business in times of uncertainty. Read more
Careers without college Why are top employers offering the school leavers a fast track career without university? Read more
Activist investors Are activist investors good or bad for the firms they target? Evan Davis presents. Read more
Selling your corporate baby Evan Davis and entrepreneurs discuss selling your company. Read more
The youth market Evan Davis explores how companies are trying to sell their stuff to young people. Read more
The future of the car industry Business discussion show presented by Evan Davis. Read more
Auctions From eBay to multi-million dollar deals. Evan Davis and guests discuss auctions. Read more




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