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The Bottom Line: Winter 2015-16

The Bottom Line returns with a new series from The Open University and the BBC, presented by Evan Davis.

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Evan Davis Radio 4 Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Since 2006 The Open University and the BBC have been bringing Evan Davis and his panel of experts into your living room, to share their insights on a range of subjects facing businesses nationally and globally. Now they're back with another brand new series on a fresh range of subjects.

Here on OpenLearn, discover more about these topics and go beyond the headlines with experts from The Open University Business School and exclusive extended interviews with some of the guests.

For full details of upcoming broadcasts, and links to listen or watch again, visit the BBC website or visit the episode guide below.

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Looking for information on an older series or episode of the Bottom Line? Try the Bottom Line landing page.

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Life after a Blockbuster

Whether it's creating Angry Birds, the best-selling mobile app, or developing the best-selling Alzheimer's drug or discovering one of the world's biggest oil fields in recent years, every company dreams of blockbuster success.

But what happens after you hit the jackpot? How do you sustain that level of success? And what's needed to adapt from small start-up to big business?

Evan Davis and guests share the secrets of success and explore their experiences of trying to maintain their market position.

Guests for this episode:

  • Kati Levoranta, CEO, Rovio Entertainment (creators of Angry Birds)
  • Dr David Jefferys, Global Senior Vice President, Eisai Pharmaceuticals
  • Jón Ferrier, CEO, Gulf Keystone Petroleum

Listen to The Bottom Line

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 24 March at 20:30 to listen to this week's programme, or catch up with the repeat on Sunday 26 March at 17:30. You can also download the podcast for extended interviews and bonus content. More information and a link to listen again later will be available from the BBC's The Bottom Line pages.

Episodes in this series

Episode Description
Managing the Boardroom This week The Bottom Line looks at company boards and how they operate. Read more
Renewable Energy This week The Bottom Line looks at the economics of renewable energy. Read more
Customer Service This week The Bottom Line investigates how customer service impacts businesses. Read more
Data Privacy This week The Bottom Line investigates the value of personal data to businesses. Read more
Ten years of The Bottom Line This week The Bottom Line celebrates ten years of broadcasting with a look back over the past decade. Read more
Tax Avoidance How much tax should global companies like Google and Starbucks pay in the UK? Read more
Horse Racing This week The Bottom Line investigates the business of horse racing. Read more
Lonely at the Top? What goes on between a manager and his or her coach? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Read more
Life after a Blockbuster How to sustain business success after achieving a blockbuster hit in apps, drugs and oil. Read more


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