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The Educators: Series 2

Sarah Montague interviews the people whose ideas are challenging the future of education and the way we teach and learn.

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Sarah Montague Sarah Montague interviews people who are making changes in education, and compares the way other countries are overhauling their schools in this new series of The Educators on BBC Radio 4. 

Ideas about the best way to teach and learn are constantly evolving. They challenge the value we place on skills and knowledge, the way we measure ability, and the evidence for trying different methods of learning. In this series you can hear from experts and leaders in education about the changes they are making both at home and in other countries, and the impact their ideas are having in the UK.

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The First Teachers

Margy Whalley Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Margy Whalley, %u200Eco-founder of Pen Green Children's Centre and Research Base

The most important educator in most children's lives is their parents, and the first five years is deemed to be critical. Sarah Montague meets Margy Whalley, the co-founder of Pen Green Children's Centre and Research Base in Corby, Northamptonshire.

For thirty years, the centre has been educating parents about the way their children behave and learn, and using the insights of parents and nursery staff to understand the learning process of every child.

Ranked outstanding in every one of its Ofsted reports, Pen Green has influenced other centres and early years provision in the UK, and plays an ongoing role in early years research.

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